A New Forest Garden, Edible Day lilies, Buckwheat and Corn, Garden Wildlife Week 12 -14 — The Polyculture Project

Ekpyrosis — A new Forest Garden

Wildlife in the Gardens

Ataraxia — The Polyculture Trial Garden

If you appreciate the work we are doing you can show your support in several ways.

Upcoming Courses

Our next course is scheduled for October so if you would like to create a forest garden and gain some practical hands on experience do join us this Autumn. We’ll be covering site surveying, landscape design software, installing access, beds, irrigation channels, planting tree, shrub, herb and ground layers and wildlife ponds. All in 3 days! And plenty of follow up material to take away with you to digest slowly.

Registration for our October course is now open with 15% discount on accommodation and food fees when you register as a group (2 or more).

Polyculture/Regenerative Landscape Design Webinars

This season we are running live interactive sessions hosted on Zoom on a range of topics. You can register for a webinar here.

Polyculture/Regenerative Landscape Design Webinars

Would you like to be involved in the project? We are currently offering 1–6 month positions on our polyculture study.

Permaculture and Regenerative Design Internships

We offer a diversity of plants and seeds for permaculture and forest gardens including a range of fruit and nut cultivars. We Deliver all over Europe from Nov — March.

We also offer a range of products all year round from our Online Store

Give a happy plant a happy home :)

The Bionursery




Serving the Kingdom Plantae www.thepolycultureproject.com

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Paul Alfrey

Paul Alfrey

Serving the Kingdom Plantae www.thepolycultureproject.com

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